• Retaliation of the Fox

    Retaliation of the Fox - 2014, detail

  • Roll

    Roll - 2013, detail

  • Higher

    Higher - 2013, detail

  • Leave no stone

    Leave no stone - 2014, detail

  • Burst

    Burst - 2014, detail

  • Windy day

    Windy day - 2014, detail

After exploring visual arts for many years, I started writing my first novel in 2013. Two years later, I wrote a contract on my first two novels with the publishing house Vigmostad & Bjørke.

fiefallerMy first novel, Fie faller (Fie is falling), was published in April 2016. It is a story about an Oslo socialite living the “perfect life” on the west side of Oslo with her husband and two children, until she finds out that her husband is cheating on her with a woman she can’t compete with. Fie faller is about the exterior hooks we hang happiness on.

I did the cover for the novel myself and it was great to combine my creative expressions in this way. The book has received a lot of attention and has been printed in two editions. The pocket version came out in the fall of 2016.

You can read more about Fie faller here: www.facebook.com/fiefaller

My second novel, Noe skal skje (Something will happen) is about Fred, a man who leads an uneventful life. He goes fishing, works from home as a translator, visits his sister once a week – the routine helps keep the guilt away from a tragic event in his youth. But one day he finds a note on his car. Someone wants something from Fred, and something is about to happen – but what?

I am currently writing my third novel. I feel so fortunate to have found a new creative platform which gives me so much joy.

You can read more about my novels here: www.facebook.com/thereseaasvikforfatter/